Oracle Gold Partner

cons4you is a certified partner for the distribution of hard- and software solutions and for the conceptualization and implementation of

  • Oracle OCI Development
  • Enterprise high availability cluster solutions in the fields of server and storage
  • Longterm and secure archiving
  • Training, performance and efficiency optimization in all of the above
  • Speaker at Oracle CloudWorld Tour London 2024

Datacenter Solutions

  • From concept creation to planning and implementing to the training of employees to finally reaching full operational status.
  • High performance and availability demand with an optimal price-performance ratio
  • Concept sustainability and continuity in enterprise computing
  • Achieving ideal synergy effects between approaches based on
    • on Premises
    • Private Cloud
    • Public Cloud
  • Ongoing partnerships & cooperations with

About cons4you

cons4you was founded in 2005 and continued where its predecessor Rotheneder GbmH had begun nearly 20 years earlier with CEO Rudolf Rotheneder as heart, mind and soul of the company. His unique combination of knowledge and experience with creativity and high problem-solving skills is what made him an integral partner for many businesses in the past 30 years.

Our clients include Sony Net Services / RealNetworks / Vodafone Music, Audi...

In the earlier days of Rotheneder GmbH Flightdata Analysis Network (FAN) was developed and went into production in 1997. FAN is a flexible and self-adaptable tool for the evaluation of flight data. Through the use of Java-Technology all required qualities are viable, therefore it is platform independent. It is equipped with definitions for aircrafts MD80, A32 family, A330, Fokker 70 and more on request. FAN was utilized by Austrian Airlines and Lauda Air.

         Ing. Rudolf Rotheneder
CEO IT-Services